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Getting your gear just right takes a lot of trial and error, after many day hikes and backpacking trips over the past few years my gear list is still a work in progress but there are a few things I absolutely love and will continue to use for a very long time. My goal is to get my pack as light as possible without completely sacrificing comfort and safety. My hope is that this section of my blog will help you wade through all the useless and unnecessary gear out there. REMEMBER! An REI suggested gear list is a heavy one! I have gone over their list of "must haves" and most of it can be found much lighter somewhere else or is just not needed at all. If you have any questions PLEASE ask in the comment section below :)

What's in My Pack

Wind River Range- Wyoming- Camping on Lizard Head Plateau

My Advice for Finding the Perfect Gear

Buy at REI First: Not sure if you are going to like what you buy? Buy at REI first, even if you plan to buy it somewhere else. REI allows you to return anything new/used that you don't like. So I always tell new hikers that if you are not 100% sure that's the backpack, shoes, or even socks you want to hike in buy from REI test it out, if you don't like it, return it and try something new till you find what you like. It is possible to be very comfortable out on the trail and in the backcountry, even with a heavy backpack.

Search Small Businesses: A lot of my gear was made by some guy in his garage who decided he could make it lighter than the big companies. Its a little harder to find them but they are out there! Support small business and have lighter gear!

Lighter is NOT Always Better: In my searches for newer and lighter gear I have come across a few ultra light weight gear that is not worth it. Always remember your safety when shopping light weight. Yes, that trekking pole weighs next to nothing but what if you put all your weight on it to keep you on the mountain? Can it hold up you and your packs weight?

Do you REALLY need that?: Make a check list and stick with it! Just because you have the room doesn't mean you should bring it. Use a pack that is the right size for your trip, with a huge pack on a short trip you will have a lot of extra room and will have the urge to fill it. Another great way to decide if you need an item or not bring it with you on your trip, by the end of your trip ask this question; Did you use it enough to make the extra weight worth it? There are a few things I bring with me that add a small amount of extra weight but I feel one or two light things from home bring that little bit of comfort out into the backcountry.

The fun way down- Wind River Range, Wyoming



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