Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How To Make: Seasoning in a Straw

A quick a simple way to bring seasoning with you while backpacking or camping without having to bring way more than you will ever need! I bring these with me when I go backpacking, they allow me to season my food without all the extra weight. 

What you will need
  •  I recommend making a small funnel out of some scrap paper, it makes it a lot easier to pour the seasoning into the straw.

  •  Use the lighter and melt one end on each of the straws.
  •  Fit the funnel on one of the straws and carefully pour in the seasoning of your choice.
  •  Once they are all filled, cut the straws to size and melt the other ends, sealing the seasoning inside the straws.


LOL, Brilliant! I think of all the backpacking trips we took using old film canisters as seasoning containers! That's a hemostat/clamp for sealing the heated end, right?

I'm enjoying reading--great tips!


Kris, Glad to hear you are enjoying my posts! Yes, that is a hemostat. You don't need one to make these though, in the backcountry I don't carry a clamp/ hemostat on me so I simply pinch the straw closed with my fingertips and melt the end shut.


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