Friday, November 30, 2012

Obstruction Point Parking lot/Trailhead

Obstruction point and its Trails:
Obstruction Point is the trailhead for a handful of trails in Olympic National Park. For our 8 day backpacking trip we planned on starting at obstruction and ending way on the other side of the park. However, I got hurt and refused to be rescued to we slowly hiked back out the the way we came. One day we will go back to Olympic and finish this amazing trip! For information on the backpacking trip we had planned on doing click here to view that post.

Closest City:
Port Angeles, WA

Driving Directions:
For our backpacking trip we parked our car at one trailhead then payed someone to drive us to Obstruction Point, a 4 hour drive. The following direction are from Point Angeles. To see the driving directions on a map click here or view the map section of this blog. Starting on the 101 West freeway through Point Angeles, turn Left on North Race st. drive 1.1 miles and make a slight right onto Heart O the Hills Rd. follow for 17.5 miles. Keep track of how many miles you have gone the next turn is hard to see! Make a sharp left onto Obstruction Point Road. Make sure your vehicle can handle driving on a dirt road. This road is not very wide and on coming traffic makes for a scary ride. Follow the dirt road for 7.5 miles till it ends at a large parking area with a bathroom.

Fees/ Permits/ Reservations:
Hiking or backpacking in the Olympic National Park area you will need a permit. The list prvided is all the passes the park excepts. Overnight passes are required to stay overnight in the park. Permits and reservations are required to stay in Grand valley.
-Olympic National Park annual Pass
-Golden Age Passport
-Golden Eagle Passport
-7 Day Pass
-National park Pass

Obstruction Point Trailhead- 6,150ft

None- The only water available is from rivers and lakes, filter or treat your water before drinking!

The Obstruction Point Road is open from late Spring until the first road covering snow in the Fall. Check road closure information before heading up there.

Hiking in Olympic National Park

Deer Park- 7.5 miles
Badger Valley- 0.3 mile
Grand Lake- 3.7 miles
Moose Lake- 4.2 Miles
Grand Pass- 5.9 Miles

Olympic National park Visitor Center
Heart O the Hills Road
Port Angeles, WA, 98362
(800) 833-6388


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