Thursday, August 23, 2012

Glacier National Park- Lake McDonald to Gunsight Trailhead

 Backpacking in Glacier National Park was amazing! I have been there twice already and I can't wait to go back and see more of the park. We went for the usual eight days in the backcountry, but this trip was split into two different hikes. Our first hike was August 14- 18, 2012, starting at Lake McDonald Trailhead and ending at Gunsight Trailhead. The second hike was August 19-22, 2012, starting at Two Medicine Lake and ending just up the street at North Shore Trailhead. This was an amazing trip! We saw tons of beautiful waterfalls, mountain goats, and glaciers! This was also the trip that has forever made me terrified of Mountain Goats! Read

Itinerary Part 1:
Lake McDonald 
Sperry Chalet (Campground)
Day 2- 
Day hike to Sperry Glacier
Back to camp to pack 
Lake Ellen Wilson
Day 3- 
Leave Lake Ellen Wilson Campgrounds 
hike over Gunsight Pass to Gunsight Lake 
end at Gunsight Trailhead (Car waiting)

How to get there:
From he US-2 toward Glacier Rout 1 rd/ Going-To-The-Sun Rd. Turn left onto Glacier Rout 1 rd/ Going-To-The-Sun Rd follow for 2 miles the turn right onto Glacier Rout 8 Rd/ Going-To-The- Sun Rd, Continue to follow Going-To-The-Sun Road for 8.5 miles the turn left into the parking lot for the Lake McDonald Lodge. To see it on a map click here 

Day Hikes:
Lake McDonald to Sperry Chalet- 12.3 miles round trip
Sperry Chalet to Sperry Glacier- 5 miles round trip

Glacier Part 2
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Glacier National Park


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