Sunday, July 1, 2012

High Sierra Summit 45L Backpack- Review

Review: I have both the High Sierra 45L and 30L backpacks, to read the review on the 30L follow the link I provided. The High Sierra Summit 4L backpack looks good, has a lack of pockets on the outside only two for water bottles and the usual pocket at the top of the pack for gear that needs to be accessed easily and quickly on the trail. There are no side pockets on the hip belt even though the 30L has them, HUGE ones! On the bottom of the pack, like most packs this size, there is a sleeping bag compartment big enough to fit a normal size bag designed for backpacking. I have never used the sleeping bag compartment for what it was originally intended to be used as, only filled it with clothes, a book, and some small things I wanted to keep dry. The compartment is great, a zipper inside the pack allows users to unzip a small flap to utilize the entire pack as one large compartment instead of two separate ones. There is no place inside the pack to stow the bladder, yet there are openings on both sides of the pack where the hose is to go through, not to sure what that it about since the 30L pack has one! There is no internal frame just a thin piece of metal, like a spine, which is not enough support for a backpack of this size; the 30L has a GREAT internal frame! The "spine" can be easily accessed from the main compartment, when I first pulled it out; thin and flimsy, I knew in an instant it would prove to only be annoying and extremely useless, and it was! Recently I found a different version of this backpack, same size and everything EXCEPT they fixed all the issues and it looks perfect! CLICK HERE to see it on High Sierra's website, this one I would give four stars to.

The ONLY trip I took this backpack on was 8 days backpacking in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. I was able to fit all my gear in with little to no effort on my part, including a large bear vault. However, due to the lack of internal support the back bulged out pressing into my back making it hard and sometimes painful to breath. I hate this backpack with a passion, I said numerous times while in Wyoming that as soon as I get home I'm setting fire to it. I have yet to do so as I am waiting on my new backpack to arrive, Osprey.

Side Note: If your backpack has a built in rain cover NEVER take it out! I did since it was a little bulky at the bottom of my pack, interfering with the space I had in the sleeping bag compartment. While in Wyoming it managed to rain a few days but I had taken the rain cover out and for some unknown reason the materiel they used on this pack loves water and invites it in as fast as jeans soak up water after stepping in a puddle. Once almost everything in my pack was wet and cold it proceeded to hail, but that really has nothing to do with the worth of this pack.

Price- $70 BUY HERE

For more information check out the full specs list at REI
Frame Type- Internal (LIES)
Gear Capacity- 2,750 cu. in.
Gear Capacity- 45L.
Weight- 2 Kilograms
Fits Torso- 15-19in.
Fits Waist/ hips- 29- 36in.
Suspended Mesh Back Panel- No
Raincover Included- Yes

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