Sunday, May 20, 2012

Women's Hydration Backpack

User's Review (Jessie): I bought this backpack 7 months ago, I needed something small but could fit everything I would need on a day hike, came with a hydration bladder, and above all not expensive. I read reviews for tons a day packs and The North Face Ladies Pierdra Hydration Backpack seemed to be the best one. Over the last 7 months I have had plenty of opportunities to use and test this backpack out.
The badder that comes with the backpack is made from a very thick plastic, great for durability! However the bladder does not use the typical round screw lid instead it opens up wide like a brown lunch bag and to close it you have to fold the top flap over and slide a black plastic piece keeping the flap shut. This does not create a perfect lock so the bladder does leak A LOT! You can't lay the hydration bladder down or you will come back to a huge puddle and when placed in the backpack the slot for it is so tight so it pushes the water up and out and your back gets drenched! But this is an easy fix, just buy a new bladder or what I do, fill it up to below the fill line.

The backpack is ideal for smaller women as it will lay flat against your back without having the feeling or look of something massive on your back. The front compartment has enough room for a small lunch, an extra water bottle, and a first aid kit. Inside there are a few mesh pockets to help keep smaller stuff organized and the two pockets on the outside of the backpack will only fit small water bottles. Overall I don't recommend this backpack unless you plan on only doing very short few mile walks. There are far better hydration packs out there for a lot less. BUY IT HERE

Price: $70- $110

What it Comes With: Mesh infused E-Vap foam back panel, 70 oz. (2 liter) sorce wifdepak animicrobial reservoir with magnetic clip, large main compartment with internal organization, Exterior Compression cords, Outside-in side water bottle pockets (3), Removable hipbelt.

Weight- 1lb. 5oz.
Volume- 500 cubic in./ 8 liter
Dimensions- 18"x8.5"x4.5"
H2O Compatible (included)

Final Review:


I had a Swiss hydration backpack that I bought for $20 at Sam's Club. I ended up taking the bladder out of it and just using it as a regular light weight backpack because the bladder kept leaking and I didn't like the taste of the water once it came through the plastic tube.

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