Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trippet Ranch to Mulholland Fire Road/ Reseda Trailhead

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April 27, 2012

Nearest City:
Topanga Canyon, CA

Driving Directions:
From the 101 Freeway take the exit for CA-27 south. Topanga Canyon Blvd. Follow this road through the canyon for 8 miles and make a left onto Entrada Road. Continue for 0.7 miles and make a slight left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at the parking lot.

From PCH (1 Freeway) depending on your direction down PCH make a right or left toward CA-27 north or south Topanga Canyon Blvd. Continue into the canyon for 4.6 miles and make a slight right onto Entrada Rd. In 0.7 mile make a slight left to stay on Entrada Ed. and another left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at the parking lot. Adventure Passes are NOT excepted. 

8am - Sunset
*If you are planning on watching the sunset from Parker Mesa Overlook, make sure to park outside the gate or you will be locked in. Also bring a flashlight to find your way back down the fire road to your car.

Easy- Moderate

Trail is completely on fire roads with a few slight inclines. 

Year around- always make sure to check current weather conditions for the area you will be hiking in. 

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
There is a $10 parking fee at Trippet Ranch pat at the booth that is open on busy days before entering the parking lot or if its closed pat at the self pat thing in the parking lot. Adventure passes are NOT excepted. There is a ranger station in the parking lot so don't skip out on the parking fee!! For free parking park on the road outside the front gate. 

Cell Service:
T-Mobile- I had spotty to no service near Trippet but once I got out to Hub Junction and nearing Mulholland Dirt I had almost full bars.

*All trail miles listed are one way, unless it says otherwise*
Trippet Ranch to Mulholland Fire Road/ Reseda Trailhead- 4.5 miles
Temescal Peak- 5miles
Trippet Ranch to Los Liones Trailhead- 12.2 miles round trip
Eagle Rcok- 1.8 miles
Musch Trail- 2 miles
Parker mesa Overlook (Trippet Ranch)- 2.8 miles
Parker Mesa (Los Liones)- 3.2 miles
Santa Ynex Trail (waterfall)- 2 miles
Temescal Conference Grounds- 7.8 miles
Pacific Palisades- 4.6 miles
Dead Horse Trail- 1.4 miles
Will Rogers State Park- 8.5 miles

Trail Condition:
The trails and fire roads in the Topanga State Park area are fantastic. The trails are well maintained with plenty of signs to help navigate the trail network. The area is kept very clean, which makes for a better hiking experience. 

Trail Directions:
From Trippet Parking lot take the dirt road past the nature center to the first fork in the road, follow the sign and go left to the next signed/mapped junction. Once at the junction go left again and continue to follow the fire road for a short time to Eagle Spring Junction. Here you will see 3 trails leading off, The trail on the right is Musch Trail, if you go that way its a short hike back to Trippet Ranch on a shaded trail. If you take the middle trail leading up you will soon arrive on top of  Eagle Rock, once at the top enjoy the views and continue to follow the trail as it turns back into a fire road meandering along the ridge lines to Hub Junction. The third and final trail is a fire road called Eagle Springs Fire Road, this road will take you past the base of Eagle Rock and eventually ends at Hub Junction. I chose to go up to Eagle Rock. What ever of the two trails you pick head to Hub Junction, there will be a porter-potty, some trash cans, and a large map of the area. To get to Mulholland fire road go left if you want to get to the ocean head right. This next section to Mulholland is a short hike at just over a mile, once at Mulholland Fire Road head right and in a few minutes a signed Junction with Reseda can bee seen. Continue on or head back the way you came.
Other Activities:
Trail Running
Mountain Bikes
Dog are NOT allowed on the trail in Topanga State Park!
Camping (Musch Campgrounds)
Horseback Riding 
Picnic/ BBQ (Trippet Ranch)


Jessie's Thoughts:
I am getting in shape to hike the Appalachian Trail next year and these set of trails paired with a few others in the area can be combined to make a great 15- 20 miles work out. The people in this area are very nice and say good morning as they pass and the trails are very clean and trash free.


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