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Stoddard Canyon Falls

May 28, 2012

Nearby City:
Mt. Baldy Village, CA
Upland, CA

Driving Directions:
From the 210 East Freeway. Exit Base Line Rd. Make a Left at the light and the next Right at Padua Ave. Follow the road for 1.8 miles and make a Right onto Mt. Baldy Rd. Drive 6.1 miles and turn Right onto Barrett Stoddard Truck Trail, if you hit Mt. Baldy Village you have gone to far. Park in the dirt parking area just before the building. Adventure Pass is needed to park.

Sunrise to Sunset


There is minor climbing involved to get to the falls, rope is not needed.


September- May

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
Adventure Pass- they can be bought at Mt. Baldy lodge in Mt. Baldy village or up the road at the nature center.

Waterfall Height: 
Unknown (Guess-  30 or 40ft)

Stoddard Canyon Falls- Unknown (Guess- 1 to 1.5 miles round trip)
Stoddard Peak- 6 miles round trip

Trail Conditions:
This is not an easy hike, the trail down to the creek is steep and covered in loose rocks. Once at the creek there are obstacles to navigate around and over; logs, boulder, deep water. Just before the falls you will need to climb up a narrow ledge a few feet above a deep pool of water.

Trail Directions:
From the parking lot head past the rock barrier and head down the old paved road, soon you will be able to hear the waterfall down below in the canyon. Continue down the road, its eroding so please be careful, Shortly the trail will have a short wood post sticking out of the ground and what kind of looks like a trail of loose white rocks winding down toward the trees and the bottom of the canyon. Once at the bottom climb over the large boulders and hike up stream, theres a non official path that can be made out in some sections. As long as you are heading up stream you can not miss the waterfall. Soon the trail ends at a deep pool of water with a foot high waterfall that looks like steps, swim out and climb up it or look to the right and climb up the ledge a few feet above the water (See Picture) What you have made it to the top continue on a few feet to another block in the canyon, go to the right and you will see a log that looks like a ramp up to the top of the large boulder. Shimmy up the smooth log for your last challenge of this hike, enjoy the falls then head back the way you came.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a popular spot for rock climbers so be aware that they are there at the waterfall with you and do not bother them. 

For added fun- Head back out of the canyon and to wear you first heard the waterfall climb down and sit at the top of the falls, for the brave you are able to slide over the top of the falls like a waterside. (See Pictures)

Other Activities: 
Rock Climbing

Hiking Group

Facebook Page
Store- Knot the Ordinary
Angeles National Forest Website

Jessie's Thoughts: 
I am a huge fan of hikes that involve added adventure like scrambling up large boulders and logs. This is a great hike for the adventurous. I can't find much information on this waterfall, I found it a few months ago after hiking Stoddard Peak. We walked down the road from the parking lot and heard the waterfall down below, Alan and I came back 4 months later and found the way to the waterfall on our own. Since then I have searched many times for more information on this waterfall but can't ever find anything.


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