Friday, May 18, 2012

Mt. Zion

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May 14-16, 2012

Nearest City:
Arcadia, CA

Driving Directions:
From the 210 East Freeway Exit Santa Anita Ave. toward Arcadia. (West: Exit Santa Anita Ave.  and make a right onto North Santa Anita Ave.) Make a left onto North Santa Anita Ave. and continue onto Chantry Flats Rd. Follow this road all the way up into the mountain till it dead ends at Chantry Flats parking area. Adventure Pass is needed to park. 

Sunrise to sunset (camping is allowed only at designated camp sites, there is no camping off the trails) 


There are signs at every trail junction making this area very easy to hike and choose where you want to hike as you are out there. Other than short inclines in sections this trail can easily be done by both children and adults. 

Total Gain- 2,100'

Year around, always make sure to check current weather conditions for the area you will be hiking. 

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
An Adventure Pass is needed to park at Chantry Flats. They can be bought at the general store at Chantry Flats (NOT ALWAYS OPEN) or at a gas station once you exit the freeway.  

Cell Service:
T-Mobile-  None

Mt. Zion Loop- 9.4 miles

In this are there are tons of trails leading in all directions and most link to other trails and those link to other trails and so on. Here is a site I found that made the most since and has all the trail names, miles, and map. Trails from Chantry Flats

Trail Conditions:
The trails are all in excellent condition, and there are plenty of trail signs so it is very hard to get lost.

Trail Directions:
From the parking area at Chantry Flats head down the steep paved road past a sign with trails and miles on it. Continue down past Hermit Falls junction till the paved road ends and the dirt trail begins. Cross the bridge and follow the trail to the right. Soon there will be a sign for Top of Falls/ Lower Falls Trail, take this trail up to the right to the top of Sturtevant Falls. Eventually the trail will come to the Falling sign junction and from there continue on to Cascade Picnic Area. After a short rest at the lunch table continue to follow the trail up past a bathroom to Spruce Grove Campground.

If you are camping, here is where you set up camp, there are shovels and water buckets behind one of the two bathrooms at the camp.To refill your water bottles take the trial through camp up a very short distance to Sturtevant Camp, at the mess hall there is a water fountain.

Hike through camp up the trail past Camp Sturtevant to the Mt. Zion junction. Here you take the very short Mt. Zion trail to the top of Mt. Zion. Once at the top head back to the junction. From here you can head back the way you came or to make a complete loop back to Chantry Flats continue on along the trail down to Hogee's Campground, from there take the trail through the camp eventually the trial will end at the bridge you crossed near the start of the trail. Hike up the steep paved road back to your car.

Other Activities:
Mountain Biking


Jessie's Thoughts:
I absolutely love this area for backpacking! The trail network through all the mountains makes planning hikes very easy. The signs also make it easy to change plans, making our hike longer or shorter depending on how we feel that morning. 


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