Friday, May 18, 2012

First Aid Kit

Jessie's Review: About 5 months ago I bought the REI Day Pack First Aid Kit at one of their stores. When buying anything I bring out on the trail with me, especially something that could potentially save myself or someone else's life, I spend a long time researching it. After looking at tons of first aid kits REI's first aid kits stuck out as the best. I bought the Day Pack First Aid kit but they also sell multiday kits and backpacker kits. What I loved the most about these first aid kits where that they came with a small reference book called The Wilderness First Aid Manual by Dr. William Forget that covers the most common reasons a hiker would need to use a first aid kit along with what everything in your kit does and how to use it.

upon opening my first aid kit for the first time I found that there was still lots of "wasted" room, so I gathered a few more things I thought my first aid kit could use and I still have room! This little pack measures 7x4.5x1.5 inches and I have managed to add an elastic bandage wrap, an emergency blanket, chap stick, Liquid Skin, Bic Lighter, a good amount of toilet paper in a zip lock bag, a single Toasti toes foot warmer, and a magnesium fire starter. Thats not even including all the extra band-aids I added! BUY IT HERE!

I hike a few times a week and every Monday with a small group that includes a few children, I have had many many chances to use this first aid kit over the last 5 months and I have to say BUY IT! Its a great value for what it comes with and the extra room to add even more stuff is a plus. Its small, lightweight, and will fit in or attach to any backpack. 

Price: $12

What it comes with
The kit includes: two 3x0.75in. adhesive bandages, three 3x1in. adhesive bandages, 2 knuckle adhesive bandages, 2 fingertip bandages, and 2 butterfly closures. Two 2x2in. gauze pads, one 3x3in. gauze pad, one 4x3in. piece of moleskin, and 2.5 yd. x 0.5in. roll of tape. 

Three antibacterial wipes, 2 triple- antibiotic ointment packets, and 2 sting relief wipes. Two Mutralox mint antacid tables, 2 Proprinal ibuprofen 200mg. tablets, 2 Cetafen acetaminophen 325mg. tablets, and one Histaprin diphenhydramine 25mg tablet. There are also a pair of bandage scissors and splinter forceps.

Final Review:

Packs small/ compresses
Simple to use
Good instructions. manual
Easy to pack


Best Uses:
Day Trips
In the Car


I enjoyed reading your blog a lot. I'm really impressed!

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Thank you Amber, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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