Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Review: I bought the Black Diamond TrailBack Trekking Poles 8 months ago from REI. At first I thought almost $80 for a pair of hiking poles was way to expensive but I have to say they were worth every penny! I am not easy on my gear, I have always felt that if my gear can stand up to my abuse it can handle anything nature will throw at it, and these do! The flick locks are great, they keep the pole from retracting under pressure unlike the trekking poles with twist locks. They also come with two tough rubber baskets to keep your poles on the surface of snow, mud, and gravel. The poles do not come with protective rubber stoppers but I found a pair at REI for $5 and I have yet to buy another pair even after over 400 miles of hard use.

When I was originally looking at these trekking poles I read tons of reviews on a bunch of sites, I found that the only complaint was about a small plastic piece that holds the strap to the handle. Men with large hands found that the small hard piece would rub on their hand and irritate it. Seeing as I am a women with tiny hands this has yet to be an issue for me. However you can easily take this piece out by unscrewing the handle, but the strap will no longer be adjustable.

Price: $80 REI- SALE $59.89
Black Diamond trekking pole tip protectors- $4.95
Black Diamond powder snow baskets- $4.95

Collapsed Length- 25 inches
Shaft- Aluminum
Grip- Rubber
Tip- Low Flex
Locking Mechanism- Double FlickLock
Weight- (pair) 1lb. 4oz.

Final Review:


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