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Santa ynez Falls via Trippet Ranch

April 23, 2012

Nearest City:
Topanga Canyon, CA

Driving Directions:
From the 101 Freeway take the exit for CA-27 south/ Topanga Canyon Blvd. Follow this road through the canton for 8 miles and make a left onto Entrada Road. Continue for 0.7 mile and make a slight left to stay on Entrada Road. Follow for 0.3 mile more and make a left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at the parking lot.

From PCH (1 Freeway ) depending on your direction down PCH make a right or left toward CA-27 north/ south Topanga canyon Blvd.  Continue into the canyon for 4.6 miles and make a slight right onto Entrada Road. In 0.7 miles make a slight left to stay on Entrada Road and another left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at the parking lot. Adventure passes are NOT excepted.

8:00am - sunset
*If you are planning on watching the sunset from Parker Mesa Overlook make sure to park outside the date or you will be locked in. Also bring a flashlight to find you way back down the fire road to your car.

Easy- Moderate

The trail is all down hill from the fire road meaning it will be all uphill on your way back out of the canyon.

Total Gain 250 ft.

Year around- always make sure to check current weather conditions for the area you will be hiking in.

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
There is a $10 parking fee, pay at the booth that is open on busy days before entering the parking lot or it its closed par at the self pay things in the parking lot. Adventure passes are NOT excepted . There is a ranger station in the parking lot so don't skip out on the parking fee!!! For free parking park on the road outside of the gate.

Cell Service:
T-Mobile-  No service at the parking lot but I was getting spotty service along the trails.

Waterfall Height:
18 ft.

*All the trail miles listed are one way unless it says otherwise and start at Trippet Ranch*
Santa Ynez Trail (waterfall)- 2 Miles
Temescal Peak- 5 Miles
Trippet Ranch to Los Liones Trailhead- 12.2 Miles round trip
Eagle Rock- 1.8 Miles
Musch Trail- 2 Miles
Parker Mesa Overlook (Trippet Ranch)- 2.8 Miles
Parker Mesa Overlook (Los Liones)- 3.2 Miles
Temescal Conference Grounds- 7.8 Miles
Pacific Palisades- 4.6 Miles
Dead Horse Trail- 1.4 Miles
Will Rogers State Park- 8.5 Miles

 Trail Condition:
The trails in the Trippet Ranch area of Topanga State Park are in excellent condition, no trash anywhere! I think this may have the first time ever! Didn't notice a single bit of trash an the trails. This trail is easy to follow for most of it but once down in the canyon the trail crosses the creek a lot and you can easily take the wrong trails and get lost.

Trail Directions:
From Trippet Ranch Parking Lot head up the main trail past the Nature Center to the first fork in the road, go left like the arrow points. Once at the main junction (mapped and signed) go left and follow the fire road to the signed trail for Santa Ynez Trail. Take this trail down to the canyon floor where it will eventually dump you out at a squared sign with "waterfall" on all for signs follow where the arrows point. From this point on to the falls pay very close attention to where you are going as there are trail leading off to nowhere. The trail crosses the creek a whole bunch till eventually the trail leaves the creek and head up and out above the trees the trail splits a few times and goes off to other large rocks, you have gone the wrong way. head back to just when the trail left the creek and went up. Theres a large boulder (see picture) go past this large boulder following the creek deeper into the canyon, theres not really a trail for this section just keep following the creek. Soon you will hit a tiny waterfall, sometimes there is a rope, but the rangers come and take them down. Climb up the boulder to the left of the fall and continue down the canyon. Eventually the canyon ends at the waterfall. Enjoy and head back the way you came.

Other Activities:
Trail Running
Dongs NOT allowed on trails and fire roads in Topanga Canyon FOLLOW THE RULES!
Camping (musch campgrounds)
Horseback riding
Mountain Bikes
Picnic/ BBQ


Jessie's Thoughts:
I did this hike months ago with a group of kids from the Pacific Palisades entrance. Look for my blog post to hike that trail. The first time we hiked this trail it was easy going, at first. Once past the squared waterfall sign the trail crosses the creek many times making it hard to follow the trail. There are other trails leading off the trail and near the end the trail heads up to some large rocks. Theres a network of trails up there and with kids it was a little scarey. After a very long time of looking for the correct trail, we figured out the trail doesn't go up but then follows the creek. So for the last part of the trail there was no trail just following the creek to the waterfall. Coming from Trippet was a lot better, the trail is a fire road for the first part then turns into a trail leading along the ridge line down into the canyon where it eventually drops you at the squared sign that says waterfall on it. From there is where we encountered the same issues as last time but quickly remembered what ways to go and it was a lot easier. I recommend this trail to everyone, its a great trail to enjoy with the family, BUT do this trail twice, I would do it from both entrances the second time do it from Trippet and it will be much more fun and less stressful so you will be able to enjoy the hike better and notice all the things you missed the first time that make this trail such a great hike!


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I was thinking since the was the "Santa Ynez Trail" that it was up near Solvang. I didn't realize it was near Topanga Canyon.


Theres two ways to get to this waterfall one shorter than the other. Don't go alone though.


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