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Eagle Rock - Eagle Springs Loop

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April 7, 2012

Nearby City:
Topanga Canyon, CA

Driving Directions:
From the 101 Freeway take exit for CA-27 south/ Topanga Canyon Blvd. Follow this road through the canyon for 8 miles and make a left onto Entrada Road, continue for 0.7 mile and make a slight left to stay on Entrada Road and follow for 0.3 mile more and make a left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at the parking lot.

From PCH (1 Freeway) depending on your directions make a right or left toward CA-27 North/ South Topanga Canyon Blvd. and in 148 feet turn right onto CA-27 north/ south Topanga Canyon Blvd. continue into the canyon for 4.6 miles and make a slight right onto Entrada Road. In 0.7 mile make a slight left to stay on Entrada Road  and another left to stay on Entrada Road. The road ends at parking lot. Adventure Passes are NOT excepted.

Sunrise - sunset
*If you are planning on watching the sunset from Parker Mesa Overlook, make sure to park outside the gate or you will be lock in, and bring a flashlight to find your way back*

Easy- Moderate

Most of the trails in the Trippet area of Topanga State Park are very easy trails with little to slightly moderate inclines.

Total Gain- 800 ft.

Year around- always make sure to check current weather conditions for the area you will be in.

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
There is a $10 parking fee, pay at the booth that is open on busy days before entering the parking lot or if its closed pay at the self pay thing in the parking lot. Adventure passes are NOT accepted. There is a ranger station in the parking lot so don't skip out on the parking fee!

Cell Service:
T-Mobile- No service at the parking lot, but I was getting spotty service along all of the trails. I found if I was above the canyon I had service.

*All the trail miles listed are one way*
Eagle Rock Trail- 1.8 Miles
Musch Trail- 2 Miles
Parker Mesa Overlook- 2.8 Miles
Santa Ynez Trail (waterfall)- 2 Miles
Mulholland Drive- 4.6 Miles
Temescal Conference Grounds- 7.8 Miles
Pacific Palisades- 4.6 Miles
Dead Horse Trail- 1.3 Miles
Will Rogers State Park- 8.5 Miles

Trail Conditions:
The trails in the Trippet Ranch area on Topanga State Park are in excellent condition! no trash anywhere, I think this may have been the first time EVER I didn't notice a single piece of trash on the trails. All the trails are very well marked with signs, making it easy enough to not need trail directions.

Trail Directions:
This whole area has signs all over and trail directions are really not needed, but here are trail directions to Eagle Rock and Eagle Springs Fire Road Loop from Trippet Ranch Parking lot.

Looking at Eagle Rock from the loop trail
To Eagle Rock-
Form the Trippet Ranch Parking lot walk in the direction of the bathrooms, right now theres a gated off area of the parking lot go to the right of this fence and head past the house up on the right and head to the right of the trailhead sign, The trail goes past what looks like another house on the left. Soon the trail hits a fork, go left to the first trail junction, where there is a large sign with trail listed and a map of the area. Head left to Eagle Rock. The trail is a fire road for most of the way. Once at the Eagle Junction, there are three trails leading off. To the left, Musch Trail, this trail goes through Musch Camp on its way back to Trippet Parking lot. The trail all the way to the right, Eagle Springs Fire road, takes you to hub Junction and can be taken to Eagle Rock, once at Hub Junction take the trail to the left to Eagle Rock. The trail in the middle leading up is the shortest way to Eagle Rock. Take this trail as it winds up around the mountain to Eagle Rock. Once at the rock, rest at the bench overlooking the canyon and Eagle Rock or climb up to the top and enjoy the view.

Make it a loop-
From here you can head back the way you came and take one of the other trails or continue on on the trail past Eagle Rock. Soon the trail will pass two trails leading off toward the Valley. Cheney Road and Temescal Ridge Fire Road. Continue past these trail to Hub Junction, there is another large map of the area, take the trail to your right, Eagle Springs Fire Road back down to Eagle Junction where you can take Musch trail or head back down the trail you started from.

For trail directions to Musch Trail
For trail directions to Parker Mesa Overlook
For other trails in this canyon I am getting to them so make sure to look back for posts on those trails!

Ranger Information:

Other Activities:
Trail Running
Mountain Bikes (Bikes are ONLY allowed on fire roads, most trails have no bike signs)
Dog are NOT allowed on trails and fire road in Topanga State Park!!! FOLLOW THE RULES!
Camping (Musch Campgrounds)
Horseback Riding
Picnic/ BBQ

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Topanga State Park

Jessie's Thoughts:
The Trippet Ranch area of Topanga State Park has tons of great trails for every level of hiker and biker. At the parking lot there are lunch tables with grills and large CLEAN bathrooms. These trails are great for families with young children but at the same time are great for getting in shape or training. A lot of the trails are fire roads so make sure to bring a hat and sunscreen as there is limited shade on some of the trails. There are park rangers located at the parking lot, to find the office ask one of the maintenance guys working or walk up the exit past the large building, once on the far side of it look down at the building there is a small door with a ranger sign on the wall, thats the rangers office.


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