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Goldstrike Hot Springs trail (Nevada)

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February 23, 2012

Nearby City:
Boulder City, NV

Driving Directions:
From Boulder City, NV take Highway 93 toward the Hoover Dam. About 0.3 miles past the Hacienda Casino (Also known as the Goldstrike Casino) Exit right at the first off ramp; #2 to Hoover Dam. At the end of the off ramp make a right and then a left onto a dirt road. Follow this all the way to the parking area.

Sunrise to sunset

Moderate- Challenging

This trail is not for anyone scared of heights, it involves a lot of climbing using fixed ropes and steps carved into the sides of large boulders.

Temperatures during summer months can be dangerous, always make sure to check current weather conditions before you get to a trailhead.

Parking/ Entrance Fee:

Cell Service:
T-Mobile - No service

Goldstrike Hot Springs Trail to Colorado River- 6.5 miles round trip

Trail Condition:
The trail is extremely easy to follow, the trail runs along the canyon floor so there is always only one way to go and there are arrows painted in appropriate spots along the trail so make sure to keep an eye out for those. (NOTE: Never use anything other than surveyors tape to mark a trail!) Be aware that you will be required to use fixed ropes and steps carved into boulders to get through sections.

Trail Directions:
From the parking area head past a line of rocks into the canyon. Soon the trail goes right past the highway leading to Hoover Dam and Arizona, its massive you can't miss it. While in this section of the canyon keep an eye out for old cars and trucks that crashed off the old road. After a short distance the canyon walls start to get steeper and  eventually become vertical.

At almost 1.5 miles the canyon narrows again and an huge boulder blocks the path. To get past this boulder carefully use the steps carved in the rock to get down. Keep in mind I am TERRIFIED of heights, it looks a lot harder and scarier than it really is! After this the canyon walls give way to a large open area of the trail. Follow the trail and soon the steep canyon walls return presenting you with a few more boulders to navigate around, under, and over using fixed ropes and minor scrambling. Soon the trail takes you past a large boulder with a sign pined to it, read it. Shortly the trail hit the first of many hot springs, climb down to the canyon floor below with assistance from the fixed rope. This is upper Goldstrike Hot Springs. Continue down the canyon past a bunch more hot springs till the trail becomes blocked again by a large smooth boulder. Use the fixed rope to get down. This is lover Goldstrike Hot Springs, aka Cave of Wonders, here the pools are small but warm. From here the Colorado River is another 30-45 minutes.

Near the bottom of the canyon, a short distance from the Colorado River, the stream flows into the Nevada Hot Springs creating hot tubs. Theres even a waterfall coming off the side of the canyon that provides a hot shower. Once at the Colorado River, hang out, then ruturn the way you came. Make sure to pay attention to where you are going, some of the arrows are hard to spot and we would get a little turned around.

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Jessie's Thoughts:
My all time favorite hike! If you live in Nevada or don't, this trail is a must. It has everything an avid hiker would want and more! This trail has a great mix of site-seeing, hiking, and climbing that when combined makes a truly amazing trail.


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Reminds me of our Vasquez Rocks County Park.

While I was walking through the canyon with the high walls on both sides I kept thinking about those movies, The Hills Have Eyes. It's still my favorite hike so far! :D

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