Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chumash Trail - La Llajas Trail Loop

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January 30, 2012

Nearby City:
Simi Valley, CA

Driving Directions:
From Highway 118/Simi Valley Freeway Exit on Yosemite Avenue. and make a left at the light. Make a Right onto Flanagan Drive and continue to the trailhead at the end of the road. The red curbs are not well painted so look out for that.
Sunrise to sunset

Moderate- strenuous 

There is an incline for the first half of the trail, some steeper than others. The last half is mostly all down hill untill the last mile.

Total Gain- 1800'
Year around- summers can get hot

Parking/ Entrance Fee:

Cell Service:
(If you have done this trail and would like to add your cell service information please comment below)
Service at the trailhead but spotty service along the trail.

Chumash Trail - La Llajas Trail Loop- 9.5 miles round trip

Trail Condition:
Great condition, the trail was very easy to follow the whole time. The only thing I would have liked were trail signs since you have to take so many trails to make a loop its nice to know you are on the right one.

Trails Directions:
Starting at the parking lot following the trail away from the neighborhood to the first junction, take the trail to the right. The trail has a steady incline for a while, in a few miles the trail meets with the Rocky Peak Trail, go left. After a few more miles theres another junction; both ways seem to meet but I recommend the trail to the left that climbs up a short distance then flattens with a large pile of rocks at the top. Take the trail as it heads down into the canyon. Follow the trail as it winds deeper into the canyon with a stream to the left and shade for miles. After a few miles the trail ends at a steep paved hill and then the trail ends at the trailhead for La Llajas Trail. Cross the street to the signed trail leading up, follow this as it winds up and above homes till the trail makes a sharp U-Turn or continues straight ending at a gated street end. Go through the opening in the gate and walk along the side walk till it ends on the street you parked, go left and soon you will be back at your car.

Other Activities:
Mountain Bikes
Dogs allowed on leash

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Jessie's Thoughts:
I enjoyed this trail a great deal and I can't wait to do it a few more times. If you are looking to get in shape or train for something like I am this is a fantastic trail for you! Everyone we passed along the trail said hi and was very nice and helpful with directions.


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