Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monrovia Falls

Date/ Time:
Dec. 19,2011
11:00 am- 1:30pm

Nearby City:
Monrovia, CA

Driving Directions:
Take the 210 Freeway towards Monrovia, CA and Exit toward Myrtle Ave./ Monrovia in 0.2 mile merge onto East Central Ave. In a very short distance make a Right onto South Myrtle Ave. and follow for 1.1 miles and turn Right onto East Foothill Blvd. In 0.2 mile turn Left onto North Canyon Blvd. Pay attention to the road signs as the road winds and you can easily end up on another street. Soon there will be a 3 foot sign for Canyon Park turn right and follow the road past the gate to the ranger station where a parking pass can be bought. To see exactly where you will be parking check out Jessie's Trails on Google Maps.

To park for free or hike after hours park back at the intersection of Ridge Drive and Canyon Blvd at the "Oak Woods" sign. Keep a look out for no parking signs.

8:00am - 5:00pm
Gate is locked at 5:00pm
Park CLOSED Tuesdays


There is a slight incline most of the way to the falls but the trail is well maintained and easy to follow with directions.

Elevation Gain/Loss:
Trailhead: 1080'
Monrovia falls: 1800'
Total Gain: 720'

Year around- The website for the park says its a year around waterfall, we went in late December and the fall is still flowing.

Parking/ Entrance Fee:
$5.00 Cars
$8.00 Bus
Adventure passes are NOT excepted in the park. You must obtain a parking pass at the ranger station once in the park.

Cell Service:
T-Mobile - I had service the whole time along the trail even at the falls.

All the trails will take you to the falls or to a trail that will the only question is how far do you want to walk to get there?

Bill Cull Trail- 3.4 miles round trip
Nature Center Trail-1.5 miles round trip
Cabin Trail- 2 miles round trip
Ben Overturff Trail- 6 miles round trip

Trail Condition:
The trails are all well maintained due to the ranger station at the entrance.

Trail Directions:
Bill Cull Trail: Starting at the lower parking lot just before the Ranger Station walk past the ranger station and past the entrance to the marked trailhead on the left. The trail has a slight incline most of the way to the falls but can easily be completed by a small child.  Eventually there will be a marked trail junction; If you go right its about a 5 minute walk to the trailhead at the middle parking lot (restrooms). If you are still wanting to get to the falls go left and continue up stream. In a few more minutes you'll hit the Nature Center trail junction; To get to the nature center head to the right up the incredibly short trail to the nature center. After checking out the nature center head back down to the trail junction and take the other trail to continue to the falls. Once at the falls enjoy the beauty than head back the way you came. PLEASE remember the park gate closes at 5pm.

Cabin Trail: Drive past the ranger station and entrance to the middle parking lot. Walk about 75 yards up the road from the parking lot where the marked trail begins on your left. Following the trail you'll reach a trail junction within a few minutes of walking. This is the main trail, follow the trail to the falls and shortly you'' hit another marked trail junction for the nature center. head up the to nature center or continue straight to the falls.

Nature Center Trail: Drive up past the ranger station to the parking lot of the nature center. Walk to the right of the nature center building past a picnic area to the marked trailhead. Walk down the trail to the junction and go right and follow the trial to the falls.

Other Activities:
Mountain Bikes
Nature Center
Nature Trail
Cabin Rental
Picnic Areas

Etsy (Store)
Canyon Park Website

Jessie's Thoughts:
This was a great hike for families with small children, the trail is very short only 3 miles round trip and the nature center and nature trail is a great way to educate your child about nature. We managed to snake and criss cross through all three trails in one go. All the trail lead to other trails leading to where you want to go or the road and that will take you to tall the parking lots.



The following pictures where taken along the 
Self Guided Nature Trail

 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
 Nature Center
Nature Center



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