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Santa Ynez Falls

October 10, 2011
Update- March 20, 2012

Nearby City:
Pacific Palisades, CA

Driving Directions:
Coming from Los Angeles take the I-10 West and get on the CA-1 North/ Pacific Coast Highway; follow for 4.4 miles and make a sharp right onto Sunset Blvd. In 0.5 miles turn left onto Palisades Dr. and follow that road up into the canyon for 2.4 miles and make a left onto Vereda De La Monture and drive down till the road ends at two gated communities. There's parking on both sides of the road but there are signs for no parking between 8pm - 6am For the exact location of where to park check out Jessie's Trails on Google maps

Sunrise to sunset


 The trail starts off well marked and sort of paved. Once you cross the round stepping stones only a few feet into the 3 mile trail it starts to get confusing. We got lost a few times by accidentally follow one of many trails leading from the main trail. Eventually the trail disappears all together.

Waterfall Height:

Elevation Gain/Loss:
250 ft gain

Entrance Fee:

Cell Service:
No service will work in this area except AT&T

Santa Ynez Falls- 3 miles round trip
Rippet Ranch parking lot- 2.2 miles
Eagle Rock- 3.4 miles

Trail Condition:
This trail is not maintained

Trail Directions:
Starting at the gated entrance to the trail follow the steps down to a paved path past some storm drains. In a few feet you will pass the trailhead sign with warning signs and shortly beyond that some small round stepping stones. Follow the trail straight in front of you; its kind of hidden. Do not follow the paved rout up it dead ends. 

Now that you are on the dirt trail pay attention to what trail you follow. There are many trails that lead up out of the canyon and dead end at large rocks. (the trail never heads up and out of the canyon, it stays next to the creek)

Eventually after a few stream crossings you will come to a large post in the middle of the trail, this is waterfall trail junction at 0.5 miles into the trail. There's a small sign to your right pointing that way to the fall. You'll soon pass another trail sign with an arrow pointing you in the right direction. Soon the trail will end at the creek or continue up and out of the canyon and this point sit at one of the large rocks and put your water shoes on and follow the creek up stream. After a while of climbing over larger and larger rocks and fallen trees you will hit a small waterfall with a rope tied to a tree on your left. Use this rope to climb up the rock and continue further into the canyon until the trail ends at the main fall. 

There is a rope hanging to the left of the fall; this takes you to the top of the fall. We were unable to climb it because the rock was very slippery when wet. If you decide to climb up further you do so at your own risk.

Other Activities:
No bikes

Buy Paracord Items
Topanga State Park
Google maps

Jessie's Thoughts:
I thought this trail would be great for a family or someone just starting out. The trail is very short but kind of hard to follow, just pay attention to wear you go and bring written directions of the trail and you should be fine. The mountain lion warning signs were a little unsettling so early in the morning and right off the bat found a rib cage and spine of a deer (picture below). Towards the end of the trail you are required to climb over large objects and even use rope to climb up a small waterfall. Once at the fall there was practically no water flowing and the shortness of the hike left us all wanting more.


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