Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heart Rock Falls (Seeley Creek Falls)

September 27, 2011
10am - 3pm

Nearby City:
Crestline, CA

Driving Directions:
Taking the 210 East Exit for the CA-18/ Waterman Ave. then in 0.2 miles make a left onto CA-18 N/N Waterman Ave. and continue to follow CA-18 North for 11.3 miles. Merge onto the CA-138 West via the ramp to Regional Park/ Crestline. In a mile make a right on to CA-138 and then take the 3rd left onto CA-138 West. In 1 miles turn right to stay on CA- 138 West. Just north of the town they'll be a well signed entrance on the left for camp Seeley. Take this entrance and just before the private car park for Camp Seeley, veer left onto a narrow road going past a concrete ford over Seeley Creek. Once you are past the ford keep an eye out for and open area on your right near a sewage pipeline cover.

Sunrise to sunset

Easy- Difficult

The trail itself is very easy to follow with out the worry of wondering off on the wrong trail or the trail just disappearing all together. The falls are hard to find along the trail and can easily be passed. We happened to stumble upon the falls by mistake; we followed a small trail leading to a ledge and when we looked down there it was, Heart Rock Falls! The difficult part refers to finding the falls off the main trail and if you want to see the falls or get to the heart you will have to do some climbing, getting more and more difficult as you get closer to the heart. 

Waterfall Height:

Elevation Gain/Loss:
200ft Gain

This waterfall can be viewed all year but for the most water visit the falls after a good rain storm.

Entrance Fee:
An Adventure pass is needed to park; you can buy one online or buy it at a location near you.

Cell Service:
T-Mobile -
AT&T -

Heart Rock Falls Trail: 2 miles round trip

Trails Conditions:
The trail is in great condition. There are a lot of fallen trees but they are quickly pushed aside my forest rangers to keep the trail clear.

Trail Directions:
Starting at the parking area follow the trail leading along the creek, and just on the other side is Camp Seeley. Make sure you don't follow the dirt road continuing past where you parked.  Soon you will pass right by a pool for the camp. The trail is well marked and maintained so there's no way to get lost or accidentally follow the wrong trail. If there's no one around and this is your first time at the falls, it's pretty easy to miss the spur "trail" to the rocky ledge overlooking both the heart-shaped depression and the Seeley Creek Falls. The only hint that there's something down there is by the loudness of the rushing waters of Seeley Creek itself. If you keep going on the trail you'll end up skipping the falls and joining with some road. I tied two blue ribbons onto tree branches at the turn off but who knows if they will still be there when you go. Once you have found the look out point follow the trail on your left leading down to the base of the falls (easy rout) for more views on the area climb down next to the tree to your right. This will take you to a small pool with a very small waterfall type formation. Continue to follow it all the way around the towering rock formations on your left to the top of the waterfall. Once at the top of the fall you will see a small trail leading behind where the heart rock is, you can follow this down to the base of the falls or around to the heart itself. 

For extra adventure:
After you have looked around and played in the water follow the stream down until you see 3 different levels of pools, each feeding into the lower until it reached the largest pool with rainbow trout.

Other Activities:

San Bernardino National Forest/Arrowhead Ranger Station
Adventure Pass

Jessie's Thoughts:
I recommend this hike for everyone no matter how inexperienced or advanced you are. No one seems to go here for the falls, just the heart shapped rock. Whatever you reason for coming you will be glad you did!


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