Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Escondido Falls

Date/ Time:
September 6, 2011
11:20am- 2:25pm

Take the 101 north and exit Lost Hills Rd. In 1.2 miles turn right onto Las Virgenes Rd. After 3.3 miles Las Virgenes Rd. turns into Malibu Canyon Rd. continue for 4.6 miles till your reach Ca-1 north/ Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Make a right onto PCH. In 4.5 miles take a right onto Winding Way. Its a hard to see street and very easy to pass. Once you turn right onto Winding Way park in the parking area immediately to your left. No parking passes needed.

Sunrise to sunset


Getting to the main waterfall was the easy part. If you want to see the other waterfall it will involve a lot of scrambling and at one point you will need to hold onto a rope to get across a small part of the trail (It looks scarier than it really is). I am terrified of heights and I managed to do it and it wasn't scarey at all so give it a try its worth the dirty clothes.

300ft. Gain

Year around but later in the summer months there is little water

Entrance Fee:

Cell Service:
T-Mobil - I got 2 bars at the parking area but got no service out on the trail.
At&T - Had Bars at the parking area but No service along the trail.
Metro- Had service at the parking area but No service along the trail.
Verizon- Some service at the second waterfall.

Escondido Canyon Trail and waterfalls- 4.2 miles round trip

Trail Conditions:
For the first part of the trail it is paved until you get to the trailhead where it becomes a dirt path. To the base of the falls it is very well maintained and well traveled. If you decided to climb up to the bigger waterfall the trail is heavily eroded in some parts and others required some scrambling up and over rocks and trees.
Trail Directions:
The trail starts at a small parking area immediately to your left when you make the right onto Winding Way. From the parking area walk a short distance up Winding Way till you see a sign that says Edward Albert Escondido Canyon Trail and waterfalls with a small dirt path leading into the forest. Hiking along this trail you will see many trails leading off into other directions. I am not sure where these trails go just make sure to pay attention to where you are going it is easy to accidentally follow the wrong trail. Continue to follow the trail till it ends at the main waterfall.

For some adventure take the trail to the far right of the waterfall; there looks to be a trail right next to the waterfall I wouldn't recommend taking that way there is a much easier way up. Once you climb up the first section of the trail you will find a rope tied to two branches stretching across a small portion of the trail that the rope is needed to get across. Keep a keen eye out as you follow along this trail as it will disappear for short amounts of time as you climb over large rocks and fallen trees. Eventually you will see a smaller waterfall on your right side once you see this start looking up to find the top tier of the waterfall to your left a little. Follow along the trail that is leading towards it; the trail heads off away from the waterfall make sure to find a trail that leads towards it, it's kind of hard to see. Once you have found where to go you will arrive at the 150ft-200ft waterfall.

Other Activities:



Jessie's Thoughts:
We ended up going at the end of summer when there is practically no water so the falls were just a drizzle. I plan on coming back after a good rain storm to see if there is more water. The much larger waterfall above the main fall is a sight to see. It is absolutely stunning and must be witnessed in person to understand how truly beautiful it is even at the end of summer; It's well worth the climb up!


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