Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Temescal Canyon Road

I do not recommend this trail in the summer months as a large part of the trail had absolutely no shade and temperatures can easily reach over 100. Always check local conditions, posted warnings, and come prepared.

There are two ways to hike this trail the first one starting at Reseda Blvd./ Mulholland Fire Road and the other starting at Temescal Gateway park in Pacific Palisades, CA. Starting at the Reseda Blvd./ Mulhulland Fire Road trailhead; Coming from the south take the 405 freeway north to the 101 north. Exit Reseda Blvd. at the light make a left and fallow Reseda Blvd. all the way to the end. If you decide to Start at the Temescal Gateway Park trailhead; Coming from the south take the 405 freeway north. Exit West Sunset Blvd. at the light make a left. Fallow west sunset Blvd. all the way to Temescal Canyon Rd. and make a right.

Sunrise to sunset

Entrance Fee:
If you are starting at the Reseda Blvd./ Mulholland Fire Road. parking if free unless you would like to park a little closer to the top of the hill (its not that far) If you don't want to pay park behind the white line. If you are starting at the Temescal Gateway Park parking is $7. If you are able to pay I highly recommend doing so as the money goes towards keeping this and countless other amazing parks open for generations to enjoy.

Moderate to medium difficulty due to the trail having several steep inclines.

Trail Condition:
Well maintained

Temescal Canyon Road- 7.3 miles one way
Temescal Canyon Loop- 4.4 miles round trip

Other Activities:
Nature Center
City Views
Wedding Venue
Historical Site
Dogs on leash
Picnic area
Filming Locations
Temescal Field Science Program

***For more activities going on at Temescal Gateway Park go to

Jessie's Thoughts:
Starting at the top of Reseda at the Mulholland Fire Road go to the right and fallow the fire road a little ways till you see an entrance behind a small gate; this is the trail you will be fallowing the whole way. The Temescal Canyon Rd. winds along the side of a few mountains with amazing views of the canyon and valley behind you and eventually the beach and if you are lucky on a clear day you can see Catalina Island. Eventually we can upon a massive rock that we climbed all over and had even more amazing views of the mountains and canyon. There is a small cave on one side of the rock, when we took a look inside we say a lot of small animal bones so obviously this is someones home.; we decided to get out of there. Eventually the trail will become more like a trail and less like a fire road and this is where we ran into trouble. There is absolutely no shade for miles along this part and when its almost 100 out its not a good situation to be in! After a few hours of being in that heat with no shade opportunities I became severely dehydrated. We luckily found a nice shade area to rest in for a good long while before heading out again. Don't let my bad experience discourage you, this is a great trail for the more experienced hikers I wouldn't recommend this trail for small children or in the summer months as heat can easily be near 100. I can't wait in a month or two once it cools down we'll be heading back out on this trail for another go at it and maybe this time find the waterfall!


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