Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sturtevant Falls

About Sturtevant Falls:
In Big Santa Anita Canyon, the stuning 50 feet of cascading water that is Sturtevant Falls attracts thousands of visitors a year. Sturtevant Falls was named for canyon pioneer Wilbur M. Sturtevant, who carved out a trail in the 1890s and built his Sturtevant camp trail resort two miles up canyon from the falls.
  • The check dams all along the trail were built by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District and the Forest Service in the early 1960s.
  • The cabins were built in the early1900s before the area was designated a National Forest. They primarily see only recreational use since the Forest Service prohibits continuous occupancy of structures on leased land.

Coming from Long Beach take 605 north to the 210 west/ Foothill freeway towards  Pasadena. Exit Santa Anita Ave. Right at north Santa Anita Ave. Continue onto Chantry Flats Rd. Fallow Chantry Flats Rd. all the way to the parking lot. An adventure pass is needed, they are sold at the Chantry Flats parking lot.

Date/ Times Completed: 
August 15, 2011
9:45am - 5:45pm

6am - 8pm

Moderate to difficult in some places

Trailhead- 2200'
Sturtevant Falls- 2100'
Total loss/gain- 700'
Gain/loss per mile- 378'

All year

Entrance Fee:
An adventure pass is needed when parking at Chantry Flats, they are available for $5. Here is a link where you can find a place near you to buy them or they are sold at Chantry Flats.

Cell Service:
(Along the trail fellow hikers and I try to successfully send texts at random points along the trail to determine cell coverage)

T-Mobile - Had service the whole time

Sturtevant Falls- 3.7 miles round trip
Lower Trail (top of Sturtevant Falls)- About 1 mile round trip
Hermit Falls- 2.6 miles round trip

Trail Condition:
The first part of the trail is paved the rest is well maintained. There are a few spots along the Lower Trail (top of the falls) that I don't recommend for small children as parts of the trail has fallen down the mountain. See pictures below.

Trail Directions: 
Starting at the Chantry Flats parking lot fallow the paved road behind the bathrooms on the first parking level all the way down the mountain till you reach an area with a bathroom, trashcans, a bridge, and trail sings. Crossing the bridge there is a trail to your right that I was told will take you to Hermit Falls without having to go up the hill but adds about a mile to your hike. I have not done this trail yet but once I do I will let you know. To get to Sturtevant Falls fallow the large trail past the trashcans and bathroom. Eventually you will see some cabins look for cabin 50 directly between you and the cabin is the stream there you will see natural slide in the rocks. Check out the videos below for us going down it. We have called it slide at cabin 50. Continue to fallow the trail along the stream crossing it a few time till you come to a sign that point up to the right to Lower Trail (top of the falls) this we took on our way back from Sturtevant Falls. This trail is not for dogs or children as parts were very difficult to get around as the trail have fallen down the mountain see pictures below... Continue along the same trail you have been on and that will take you to the waterfall base. There you can swim and hang out. To get back to the parking lot just go back the way you came.

Other Activities:
Mountain Bike

Jessie's Thoughts:
Reading about this and the Hermit falls trail I found that most people liked this one the most out of the two falls but I have to say Hermit falls is my favorite. Sturtevant falls is a great hike for the family its easy to get to, the trail isn't very long, and the water at the base of the waterfall is deep enough to swim in but there are no spots to jump in from. The drawbacks are as this is such an easy trail a lot of families with small children do visit the fall. By the time we got to Sturtevant falls the whole area in front of the fall was packed with people with a bunch of kids splashing and screaming in the water. Along with hiking Sturtevant Falls we also did the Lower Trail (Top of the falls) and Hermit falls trail.


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Great post Jessica! You are becoming quite the Blogger ;) Very Informative and well organized. I wish I had more time for hiking looks like so much fun ;(

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