Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trails Canyon Falls

 As of August 10, 2011 the Trails Canyon Falls trail is still closed due to the Station Fire in 2009!

So todays hike was going to be the Trails Canyon Falls trail in Angeles National Forest BUT because of the station fire in 2009 its STILL closed! So we had to improvise and found a small dirt parking area further back down the road (see google map for the exact location) once you park and get out of the car look behind you back across the street and you will see some water fallow that and you will almost right away see an awesome waterfall! We then walked down to the creek and fallowed it upstream for a while till we found a very cool hut someone had made with a large deep swimming whole right in front! We continued to fallow the creek upstream and on the left side there was a waterfall that was dry but might be flowing after a good rain. Even though todays hike was a bust due to it being closed we had a great time exploring and getting lost that it was almost worth it being closed. :]

 Trails Canyon Falls trail is CLOSED!

 Trails Canyon Falls trail is CLOSED!

Private swimming area near Trails Canyon Falls

A small hut we found

A small Waterfall Near where we parked


The water looks so nice and refreshing~ Donna

The water was very refreshing! We were surprised at the amount of water there was in August.


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