Saturday, August 27, 2011

Altoids Tin Survival Kit

"Curiously Strong"

Here's a fun little survival kit I made out of an Altoids tin in just a few minutes. I managed to fit 20 things inside (and outside) but I do plan on replacing the flashlight and compass with much smaller versions so I am able to fit a few more things in it.

Whats in The Survival Kit:
Altoids Tin
2 strikers from the match box
Small Flashlight
Small compass
Candle (I used a birthday candle)
Ziploc Bag
4 Safety pins
Alcohol Wipe 
Sewing Needle 
2 Rubber Bands (I used hair ties)
Dental Floss
Razor Blade

 Everything EXCEPT the wire! (forgot to put it in the picture)
The wire
 Everything in except the wire and Alcohol Wipes

Looking at the match box it had a lot of wasted space so I decided to alter the tray that the matches come in by making it smaller so it took up less room and still was able to fit all of the matches back in and more from another box! I then used plastic wrap to wrap the box so the matches wouldn't fall out. The fallowing pictures show how I made it:

 Everything you will need

Almost done!
 Adding Plastic Wrap
Small Piece of tape will hold it together.
Fits Perfect!


When I was a smoker years back, Camel had a 'freebie' cylinder water safe that had a small butane lighter in head - way cool. I have one kit somewhere . . .
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