Friday, July 8, 2011

You Can Make Things Out of Paracord?!

Simply put.... I love paracord! I think its an amazing material that everyone should learn about and know how to use. Paracord, better known as parachute cord or 550 cord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope (Kernmantle rope is a rope constructed with its interior core -the kern- protected with a woven exterior sheath -mantle- that is designed to optimize strength, durability, and flexibility.)

Originally paracord was used in the suspension lines of the US parachutes during World War II once in the field, paratroopers found this cord useful for many other tasks. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

I was given a bunch of books on how to tie all sorts of knots and make tons of really cool stuff. I have begun making things from the books so make sure to look for further posts and videos --Also found on my YouTube Page


Hi Jessie!
Got my first piece of parachute cord when I was about nine, circa 1962.
My Dad had purchased a surplus military parachute to cut up for various uses, and I got some of the cord.
One of the things I used it for was practicing knot making. IMNSHO, it's one of the best materials for that, since knots can be undone.
When I recently read the history of parachute cord I found that, no surprise, when it appeared and became available in WW-II it was immediately used for all sorts ofthings that had nothing to do with parachutes.
Only first heard the contraction "paracord" in the past two years or so. Brand me as a linguistic conservate, but I prefer the older term. Perhaps my knowledge of Spanish also influences me against "paracord." The word looks like a hybrid English / Spanish term, "para" = "for" in Spanish, so "for cord"?
Your creations are superb pieces of manual dexterity.

I think that some one should have a page of each design, and try to go into depth about the amount of cord it takes from the start to end... and give clear detail how to stat and finish each piece! i have looked at all the U tubes about how to start in the middle and hardly follow to the end.
and it seems that U-tube is so out of order, and can some what misleads people' being that they seem to change what it is just enough to put there twist on what they are making...
i have made my first piece to day, and had to watch two videos, start, and how to end the piece,,,
so can some one make a place were they put each different project from the start to the end? thanks

When I first started making stuff out of paracord I used books that were given to me by a friend. Since then I have found one site that teaches its followers all sorts of interesting knots with very well done and easy to follow videos. I created the video posted on this page and its also on youtube because I could not find any videos on how to make something as simple as a basic survival bracelet! Tons of people are more than willing to make videos showing already finished survival bracelets that they have made or people who have attempted to make a video showing how to make one but fail miserably. My video shows step by step start to finish how to make the basic survival bracelet. It also includes length used and how I measure people to make custom bracelets. I do sell survival bracelets of all designs -Find me on Facebook at Knot the Ordinary- but because I sell them to make a living I will not be making any how to videos other than the one I have already made.


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