Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wildwood Park - Paradise Falls

All year but the summer months can be very hot so make sure to check weather before setting out on any hike and make sure to bring enough water!

Paradise falls is located in Wildwood Park. From the 101 north towards Thousand Oaks Exit Lynn rd. Right onto Lynn rd. Left on Avenida De Los Arboles, Fallow the street all the way till you have to make a right and there is a dirt parking area to the left.

Sunrise to sunset

Entrance Fee:
No parking fee

Easy/ moderate

Moonrideg trail - 2.5 miles
Mesa Trail- 1.5 miles
Wildwood Trail/ Fort Wildwood Spur- 2.55 miles
Stagecoach Bluff Trail/ Lizard Rock Trail - .75 miles ( stagecoach bluff) 1.25 miles (lizard rock)
Lynnmore Trail and Spur - 2.5 miles

Other Activities:
Mountain Bike

Jessie's Thoughts:
For this hike a group of new friends we met on our last hike to Holy Jim Falls joined my boyfriend and I. We decided to go our own way and not fallowing the main trail to Paradise falls; Moonridge trail. Instead we started at the parking area off of Avenida De Los Arboles fallowing the biggest trail past a small gate. The small dirt road will lead you to mesa trail where you will continue along that trail till you come to a fork with a sign pointing you to parking lot #1. Once at parking lot #1 you are able to rest at the lunch table and view the teepee off in the distance. After resting we fallowed the same trail winding down the creek where there is a bridge to a nature center. Keep a look out for a sign for Indian cave, the trail is very short and ends at a cool cave that you can climb up to and explore.We went past the bridge fallowing the trail along the creek till the trail went along a fenced ledge and down some stairs ending at the waterfall. After swimming for a few hours and having a yummy lunch we headed back to the trail leading to the teepee.The teepee is a great place to rest or just taking a look around at the amazing views of the canyon. We then fallowed the north Teepee trail to Mesa trail that leads you back to the parking lot. Make sure to keep a look out for Rattlesnakes we were told by multiple people before we started that they came across them out on the trails. There are so many trails in Wildwood park so look back for posts on those trails. Also for more videos I took at Paradise Falls and other trails click the link below!


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