Friday, July 22, 2011

Paracord Slingshot

The sling is about 4ft. long from loop to knot, the pouch is 5in. long done in a weave with three warps. In the center of the 6ft. long paracord, I made a short loop about halfway down the cord, tied an over hand knot around the standing end, the working end comes down the center of the loop, another overhand knot is tied with the working end going away from the loop. I used 6ft. of paracord for the weave and had some left over. I ran the starting end of the weft (weaving cord) thou one of the overhand knots to keep it out of the way. When I finished I tucked the paracord end down the center of the weave. I was unable to find anything in books or on the web on how to make the sling. The only thing I found was  few pictures of the finished product and a short veg description on how to make it. So I took photos of different steps and explained it the best I could. I hope this helps!!


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