Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Tip - Dogs

I can't tell you how many times I have seen people let their dogs poop in the trail and not pick it up or pick it up with a bag and leave it on the side of the trail. Its one thing if its a long hike and you don't want to carry a poop bag on you.. ew! But come on people if you leave it make sure on your way back YOU PICK UP YOUR DOGS CRAP BAG!

Dog owners may see a hike as a great time for 'Fido' to run wild. I'm sure the squirrels get enough exercise without his help, and having a beast charge around the corner of a narrow exposed trail is not what I need in my nature experience. Keep your dog under control and EXPECT THAT THERE ARE OTHER HIKERS and dogs, and wild animals, and horses on the trail who 'Fido' might encounter. I've had friends whose dogs were killed when they were hiking off-leash and got into a fight with other dogs or large wild animals on the trail. You don't need that sorrow. so please THINK and be a responsible hiker or don't go at all. It takes just one person to ruin the fun for everyone.


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