Saturday, June 4, 2011

Point Lobos State Reserve

 "the crown jewel of the State Park System."

Fair sunny days, occasional winter rains, and dry summers, moderated by fog from July through September .

Point Lobos State National Reserve in located on the central coast of California in Monterey County three miles south of Carmel on highway 1. To see exactly how to get there on a map click here

Opens at 8:00am with no entries after 6:30pm and all visitors must exit the reserve by 7:00pm

Entrance Fee:
Passenger cars $10
Vehicles with a senior citizen $9
Vehicles with a disabled discount card $5
Small coach or van $50 (10- 25 passengers)
Large bus $100
Annual day use pass $125 (Pass valid for one year from date purchased)
** I park out on the street for free when I don't have the extra money but paying to enter is a great way to keep this amazing place open for generations to enjoy! **

Bird Island
Carmelo Meadow
Cypress Grove
Granite Point
Lace Lichen
Mos Cove
Mound Meadow
North Shore
Pine Ridge
Sand Hill
Sea Lion Point
South Shore
Whaler's Cabin
Whaler's Knoll.
** For a more updated and clear trails map visit the website I provided for you below **

Other Activities:
Diving, Running, Hiking, Photography, Camping, Museums, etc.

Jessie's Thoughts:
I drive up to Monterey once a year specifically to go here; its simply stunning! This is a must stop for anyone on vacation even if you don't hike. I go during the "foggy" season only because there are only a hand full of people visiting I do hear during the prime season like summer when everyone is on vacation it gets packed and there is limited access and sometimes waiting just to be able to drive in and park.... but its worth it!!

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Leave No Trace
Point Lobos State Reserve Website


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