Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Placerita Canyon State Park and Nature Center - Waterfall Trail

Placerita canyon state park and nature center is located in Newhall, California. Directions from the south - Take the 5 freeway north to highway 14 north to Placerita Canyon Rd. Turn right and proceed 1.5 miles to the park entrance. Directions from the north - Take highway 14 south to the Placerita Canyon Rd. Exit and turn left. At the signal turn left on Placerita Canyon Rd. Proceed 1.5 miles to the park entrance.

The park is open sunrise to sunset, while the nature center building is open Tuesdays through Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.

There are currently no fees for park use or parking but that can change so be sure to check before you go. There are programs provided at a cost. Donations for animal care and park operation are accepted at any time!

Botany Trail
Heritage Trail
Ecology Loop
Hillside Trail
Manzanita Mountain Trail
Canyon Trail
Seven Mile Trail
Walker Ranch Trailhead - 2 miles (one way)
Waterfall Trail - 2.6 miles (one way)
Los Pinetos - 4.9 miles (one way)
** for more info on all the trails and activities this place offers check out their web site at **

Jessie's Thoughts:
This is an amazing hike! Next to Point Lobos the Waterfall trail in Placerita Canyon State park is my favorite place to hike. There are quite a few different trails that this park offers along with a nature center where they have daily activities and birds on display for visitors to learn about. The Waterfall trail is very easy for any level or age so bring the family! The trail zigzags across a winding stream lined with tall trees,  loads of beautiful plants and wildlife. A few miles in you come across a very large camp site where I like to stop and have a nice lunch under the tree's shade on one of the benches. (please pick up your trash) After a relaxing lunch the trail splits off and takes you up giant stairs and along the beautiful river giving you a tour of a different part of the canyon. Eventually you will turn a corner of the trail and start going up towards the waterfall you have to do a small amount of maneuvering over large rocks and fallen trees but its worth it! Once you arrive at the first waterfall hang out ,feel the cool water, and take some pictures with your friends. If you aren't tired yet or want way more of a challenge climb to the top of the waterfall and continue to fallow the water till you come up to another waterfall! You are able to climb to the top of that one as well and the trail looks like it keeps going up fallowing the stream but I have yet to go farther than the top of the second waterfall. Overall I had an amazing hike and will continue to hike all the trails in this canyon so look for those posts when I do!


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