Sunday, June 19, 2011

Caballero Canyon

Year around. Always check local conditions, posted warnings, and come prepared.

Caballero canyon is located in Encino, California. From the 101 freeway exit at Reseda Blvd. and turn south. You will drive up a large hill after you pass a gated community with a huge water feature start looking for the trail sign on the left side on the road. To view where the trailhead is on a map click here

Sunrise to sunset

Entrance Fee:
Parking is free; there is parking on both sides of the street.

Caballero Canyon Trail- 4.2 miles (round trip)

Other Activities:
Dog friendly (on leash!)

Jessie's Thoughts:
Caballero Canyon is very near to my house so I spend a lot of time on these trails and have completed quite a few but not all of them. The main Caballero trail is 4.2 miles round trip. There are three distinct trails from the starting point on Reseda Blvd. the one all the way to the right is the main trail and is the easiest it's mostly flat for a while and a short steep incline to the Mulholland Fire Road where there is a bench to rest or you can fallow it to one of the many other trails that connect to it. The middle trail starts at a very steep incline and maintains that difficulty the whole way to Mulholland Fire Road. I find it sort of a challenge but I do get passed by runners sometimes. There is a third trail all the way to the left that fallows along the side of one of the mountains and is only for the experienced due to a lot of the trail looks like it has fallen down the mountain. This one to ends at the Mulholland Fire Road. The people are friendly and a lot of people bring their dogs and because of that there are a few doggy bags littered along some of the trails (please pick up after your pets and dispose it properly) Dogs must be on a leash at all times but there are the few people who don't fallow the rules so be careful going around bends. 


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